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Club Details

Data Science Club

The aim of data science club is to train and groom the student in the field
of data science. We plan major three activities for the club member.
They are:

  • Regular Session on topics related to data science.
  • Article writing
  • Project development


After these basic three activities planned for the club members, the
members are really benefited as they are getting a platform to work as a
researcher or a data scientist before they entered to their real
professional career in the field of data science. The data science club
associates some industry experts to provide more practical experiments
to the club members. Students are able to know the recent trends of data
science in software industries.
As we have planned to work on different projects for addressing real
world issues, students associated with the club as well as the institute
highlighted by contributing software solution for the issues in the

Club Objective

  • Grooming students as Researcher.
  • Giving exposure as a data scientist.
  • Providing platform to work on live projects.
  • Encourages to perform the social responsibilities.
  • Guidance for a better future.

Club Mentors

Over all guided by

Dr. Arya Patnaik, Secretary, RIMS &
President, OMCA (Odisha Management College Association)
Mr. Bikram ray, CEO, Rx One, USA.

Internal Mentors

Dr. Swatee Rekha Mohanty, Faculty Member, RIMS                                Prof. Damodar Nayak, Faculty Member, RIMS

External Mentor

Mr. Amitabh Swain, Director, CVS Health Care, NJ, USA
Mr. Satyajeet Narayan, Data Scientist, Invincix, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India